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William Packer Neac

William Packer has been both a painter and a highly respected art critic and has always hoped that his abilities as a painter would help his writing, rather than the other way around.

Ever since his art school days at Wimbledon and Brighton, his paintings have been essentially figurative, skilfully drawn and with a sureness of technique. Early on, landscapes predominated but over recent years he has worked mainly with still life. The works in this exhibition are flower pieces, developed from objective observation, uncluttered compositions with lyrical delicacy. They are subtle, contemplative art.

William Packer taught at the Colchester School of Art between 1967 and 1977. He was delighted to find himself teaching alongside Coker for a period of time. They got on well and when Packer started to write as a critic in 1989 he reviewed an exhibition of Coker’s at the Thackery Gallery. Although not directly influenced by Coker, Packer both admired Coker’s work and found it sympathetic.

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