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Nicky Brown


Nicky enjoys small-scale motifs and her paintings emerge in response to the subjects – the hedges, trees, paths and water at Braxted Park, Essex. They are impressionistic, full of love and of a proper appreciation of beauty. She is successful at capturing on canvas in a few freely handled brush strokes, sensually applied, the atmosphere and spirit of a place, not just pure topography. Her works are fresh, conveying the play of light through foliage and with a strong vitality of colour. They are an imaginative reaction to a landscape which she loves.

Painting has been an important part of Nicky’s life since she was a child. In 1979 she studied at the Royal Academy Schools, where she was much influenced by Norman Ackroyd, and later at the Central School of Art and Design. Among painters who she especially admires are Joan Eardley, William Nicholson and Harry Becker.

A prize winner in the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Nicky has exhibited widely in the United Kingdom and in America.