Cobbold & Judd

Modern & Contemporary Art



Maryanne Nicholls’ drawings and ceramics explore movement through the human body. She often draws on classical sculpture, with this current work taking inspiration from the procession carved into the Parthenon Frieze. In both mediums, her figures take on a fragmentary nature. By cutting, slicing and pouring glazes onto the raku fired ceramics and the gestural use of indian ink and watercolour on her collaged drawings she hopes to give a feeling of fragility to her work.

Maryanne’s sculptural ceramics are almost 3D drawings, with the focus not only on shape and form but also on movement and mark making. By cutting, slicing and pouring glazes on to the earthenware fired ceramics she gives a sense of depth and texture to her work. Her ceramics are often inspired by classical sculpture and pottery, while having a very contemporary feel particularly in the use of colour.