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Modern & Contemporary Art

Mary Romer


The emotional sensation conjured up by memory has been the subject of her exploration over the last few years. Cloud forms enable her to portray the sensations of looking at the skies above, or indeed their reflections in the watery terrains of East Anglia. Her paintings are also a meditation on the interplay of conflicting forces in the seemingly random and unforeseen events, affecting our planet.

These ‘water-cloud-scapes’ depicted through the alchemy of paint, are a portrayal of the power, beauty and magnificence surrounding us when we find ourselves steeped in nature.

Mary studied at Anglia Ruskin College, Cambridge. She holds a BA in Fine Art (Contemporary Practice). 2015 she was selected and completed an intensive 3-week course at The Slade, UCL.

Her work has been selected regularly for The Eastern Open, Cambridge Artworks, several London galleries and this year, the Royal Academy of the Arts, Summer Exhibition. Her work is in private and public collections worldwide.