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This set of twelve fine art colour photographs reveal Justin Partyka’s intimate and personal experience discovering the local landscape of the late British nature writer, Roger Deakin (1943-2006), who lived in Mellis, Suffolk for almost forty years.

The photographs begin at Deakin’s home Walnut Tree Farm and continue out in to the surrounding rural landscape. Partyka visited the farm shortly after the writer’s untimely death in 2006. Nothing had changed and the photographs are suffused with a sense of Deakin’s presence. This was Deakin’s world, and these locations feature extensively in his three widely celebrated books, Waterlog, Wildwood and Notes from Walnut Tree Farm. Partyka’s photographs are both a search to uncover what attracted Deakin to this little patch of Suffolk, and a dialogue with the writer, the house and the landscape he brought to life in his books.

Partyka has photographed extensively in East Anglia, and his work has been exhibited widely including at Tate Britain and The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

First exhibited at the prestigious Aldeburgh Festival in the summer of 2016, Photographs from Roger Deakin’s Walnut Tree Farm are now available as a complete set from Cobbold and Judd Fine Art.

The set consists of two works sized 72.5×101.5cm, and ten works at 56x81cms.