Jill Barthorpe


Jill Barthorpe spent four years at the Slade. She won a European scholarship which enabled her to paint in South West France for a year. On her return she set up a studio in London, but continued to paint for half the year in France, with other trips to Italy and Spain. Five years ago she moved her studio to rural Cambridgeshire.

She has said of her work:  ‘For me the excitement of painting is trying to capture the likeness of things without slavish description. Paradoxically I find the most interesting way to carve out this reality is to use objects of an ephemeral nature: trees, clouds, flowers: their constant movement and the passage of the light during the day forces me to make decisions about their essential character and to attempt to draw that, rather than rely on an impression based on the moment’.

Jill  has exhibited extensively in London and the UK, her paintings selected on several occasions for ‘critics choice’ exhibitions.  Her work has been sold through Christie’s of London contemporary art sales and features in a number of important corporate collections.