Dancers, 1975, 38x44cm

Peter Collins, Dancers dated 1975

Dancers, 1975, 41x36cm

Peter Collins, Lying Woman

Lying Woman, 1970s, 49x68cm


Nudes i, 1970, pencil, 50x35cm


Nudes iii, 1972, pencil and wash, 50x35cm


Nudes vi, 1972, pencil and wash, 50x35cm

Peter Collins 1923-2001

Peter’s painting career started soon after the war when he became a part-time tutor at St Martin’s School of Art before winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art where he studied from 1947-50.  In 1961 he opened Balcome Studios in Sussex, where, apart from his own paintings, he showed work by Freud, Sickert and Matthew Smith amongst others.  In the mid-seventies he bought Stanley Studios in Chelsea becoming a key part of the Bohemian Art Scene of the period.  Peter himself was a magnificent draughtsman, a skill clearly shown in a long series of exceptional life drawings.  His paintings are confidently and strongly coloured, full of energy and cover a wide range of styles and subjects.

Below is a selection of work, others are available.


Standing Woman,  Ink on paper, 1950-1960, 69x47cm


Portrait of Greta Scacchi,  pencil on paper, 1975, 42x41cm



Nudes ii, 1972, pencil and wash, 50x35cm


Nudes iv, 1972, pencil and wash, 50x35cm

Peter Collins, nudes v

Nudes v, 1972, pencil and wash, 50x35cm