Mary Romer

I see Abstract painting as a continuous, life-long process, involving as it does observation, reflection and production.

In my latest series of works, Memory Cloud, I pose questions about the workings of human memory. The ever-shifting patterns of cloud in formation and dissolution are taken as a metaphor for the way in which memories advance, recede and subtly metamorphose. However vivid a scene may seem in the mind of the person recalling it, recollections are rarely fixed like a photograph coming out of a dark room.

To capture something of the evanescence and elusiveness of clouds, I have used semi-transparent glazes on canvas with no underpainting, combined for dramatic effect with oil colour applied with a palette knife. The intense yet subtle tones of the storm clouds were created using 18th century methods of mixing a warm or a cool black. This highly unusual combination of techniques seemingly takes the Memory Cloud paintings into a different realm of contemporary painting practice.

Over the past 15 years I have participated in exhibitions in the UK and Europe, including solo exhibitions at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, the Angela Mellor Gallery, Ely and most recently in Paint Spaces, London. My works are to be found in private collections around the world from Australia to North America, as well as in Trinity Hall's permanent collection.