Jane's paintings are loosely based upon the landscapes and seascapes of East Anglia. Although Jane sometimes sketches on site, she often commits an image to memory, incoprorating the simplest of ideas. In the studio she then makes several sketches from the memory, incorporating or abandoning bits of visual information.

From the sketches the paintings will take weeks, months or even years to complete. The parsity of the information enables the painting to develop well away from the sketch though it remains a valuable reference point throughout the whole process. The paintings are layered, and gestural. Paint gets scraped off, reapplied and so on, until Jane feels there is a balance of information, harmony and energy.

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Jane studied at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, taking a Joint Honours in Fine Art and English. After a period teaching art and a career in publishing, she moved to Suffolk and started painting again full time in the 1990s. Amongst others, her work has been influenced by Auerbach, Bomberg, Diebenkorn and Hilton. Jane's work has been widely exhibited and is held in collections worldwide.