Patrick George 1923-2016



Cobbold and Judd Fine Art are delighted to announce a retrospective exhibition of the work of Patrick George.

There is no doubt that Patrick George was one of the very great painters of the last 50 years, and he was recognized as such by his fellow artists. Patrick George is best known for the magical series of landscapes of Suffolk which he painted after he moved there in 1961.  These are lyrical paintings of a rare talent, working in the footsteps of Constable and Gainsborough.  As he grew older he produced some of his best work, shimmering paintings of a flickering radiance, authority and intensity, every slight touch painted with great care.  There are magnificent examples of these in the exhibition, as well as three of his penetrating and perceptive portraits.

From his school days, when he founded an oil painting club with Lucien Freud, Patrick lived for painting and for teaching painting.  He taught for 40 years at The Slade, latterly as Professor and Director.  His exhibitions included an Arts Council retrospective in 1980 at the Serpentine and on tour, and group shows at the Mellon Center for British Art, Yale and the Tate Gallery, London.

PATRICK GEORGE 1923-2016: A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION  will include over forty paintings and drawings dating from 1948 until 2015 and will be an opportunity to enjoy and to buy the work of a master. Delacroix said ‘the first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye’.  In this Patrick George excelled as have few others.

Patrick George, Grandfathers and Trees 2010

Grandfathers and Trees 2010